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  • Interpol 2 - Most Wanted 1.0

    Join the intrepid investigators at Interpol for another exciting search in Interpol 2 - most wanted. Your mission - use your keen eye for detail to track down the world's most wanted villains. Travel to dozens of new and
  • Download Dolphin 1.0

    When viewing a web page, how many times have you had a page of thumbnail images and wanted to download the underlying images in one go rather than each image individually? The same could be asked of movies, music, or
  • web2ebook 2.1

    Web2EBook. It can download entire website or download web pages, convert htm to chm or htm to text .It is a powerful chm maker, convert web to chm. Web2EBook is a web spider. It provides accurate Analysis of web
  • Daily Picture Diary 1.0

    Have you ever wanted a Diary at some point in your life, but wanted to be able to put pictures in it. This baby can store your pictures and your daily notes. It can HOLD up to 10 million entries and pictures. Your Great
  • HTTP Vole see-new-PAD-fil

    HTTP Vole is a tool for scanning and browsing web contend (HTML on a http-server). It makes it possible to download exactlty the contend that is wanted (e. g. every picture between 200kB and 500kB). Also you can download
  • HTTP Vole 1.6.11beta

    HTTP Vole is a tool for scanning and browsing web contend (HTML on a http-server). It makes it possible to download exactlty the contend that is wanted (e. g. every picture between 200kB and 500kB). Also you can download
  • CookieClear 2.5

    This updated version can remove all cookies, except such as you may need to log into a forum. First use Edit wanted to create / amend a list of those wanted. Use ADD for temporary extra searches of those you might want
  • Brave Wing 1.0

    Alexis Andre: I wanted to know how far I could go in 6 hours, by making a "CheapClone", the theme for this month's Experimental Gameplay project. I always wanted to play "Tiny Wings", but as Pierrec said (warning,
  • SetEXIFData 2.9

    This program sets, not edits, most wanted EXIF data in an image. It uses the excellent EXIFtool, which you should install first (I have included it in the download for your convenience). Read
  • DoISO

    Welcome to the home of DoISO, the free ISO maker (and Now CD/DVD Burner!) for Windows. DoISO is a simple GPL'd, free ISO creation frontend for mkisofs, the ultimate ISO creating utility. One day I wanted to make a
  • Better Directory Analyzer 1.0.0

    Have you ever wondered why your free disk space is so low? Have you ever wanted to find Duplicate Files on your hard drive? Have you ever wanted to know which file types are using the most space on your hard
  • Murder In The Gun Room - A Suspense Thriller

    Murder In The Gun Room -- A suspense thriller **** There were a number of people who had wanted the collection. The question was: had anyone wanted it badly enough to kill Fleming? And if so, how had he done it? Here is
  • SysTrayMeter 1.0

    SysTrayMeter (STM) is a little freeware application that will add an icon to your systray, in which the CPU & RAM usage will be shown. Nothing very new indeed, but I've always wanted to have both those info available
  • ImageTag Viewer 1.0

    Have you ever sat there wondering, "Wow, I wonder what kind of information is hidden in that picture on my computer?". Well look no further then my genuine Digital Imaging Meta Data Reader Displayer Doohicky
  • Product Finder 1.1

    I wanted a Wii, and I wanted to learn how to write a Widget, so I took my two desires and made this. I Hope to make more updates by parsing more sites, and I am sure the logic could be better produced so that the
  • Mail Stationery Pack - EB 2009 -

    The new stationery pack for Mail EB 2009 is free. Just download and enjoy this new pack which includes 4 mail themes : Note pad, wanted, Running Girl and Notice
  • CD Storage 1.0.9

    Store file system of CD into database Explore CD at any moment without CD itself Locate wanted CD quickly Search wanted file and corresponding CD quickly Export file system of CD as text file Add comments and location
  • Open in Browser 1.9

    Have you ever been annoyed when you wanted to see a document and the download popup appears which forces you to select an external application to View It? This extension allows you to open the document directly in
  • PHP-IRC 2.2.1

    PHP-IRC is a modular IRC bot written in PHP5 with a Combination of object based/oriented programming. It operates under several different platforms with the purpose of automating common information related tasks on IRC.
  • Iraqi Most Wanted, Card Games 1.0

    A premium collection of 5 great card games using the Iraqi most wanted Playing Cards, they were distributed to the coalition soldiers to help capturing the wanted people. All of the games are beautifully rendered with
  • Simple Info Organizer 2.01

    Have you ever wanted to locate a key file or document on your computer that had a strategy or information you wanted to review...but had to spend tons of wasted minutes trying to find it? Whether you were searching for a
  • Coco Clock ScreenSaver 2.3

    most wanted natural Clock screensaver! Time is a substance from which everything in our world is made. Time is basic fluid that circulates inside, and makes every object of nature live in its own rhythm. Coco Clock
  • WebCleaner 1.130

    WebCleaner can kill all kinds of typical ads popups smartly. It also can block any Web content (advertising Banners,Images or Flashes) you don't want. WebCleaner can do:1. Check Auto Popup IE Window and Unload Popup IE
  • starTunes 1.1

    The idea behind starTunes was to be able to Star rate my albums and artists, as Currently you can only star rate tracks in iTunes. This way I could see which artists and albums I owned I had star rated the highest and
  • Fight Club Icons 1.0

    The first rule of Fight Club is, you download the icons! The second rule of Fight Club is you must download the icons! This collection of 21 icons was actually my first Attempt at making fun icons for people's
  • Clipboard PingPong 0.1

    Clipboard PingPong allows you to send clipboard contents to other computers and receive theirs. Summary: Very often we work on two different machines at the same time, sometimes the Operating System also may not be
  • Dealer Software 2 49

    Dealer Software features: - Window Sticker: Create customize and print full color window stickers - Contact Manager to completely track all clients that walk in your door. What they wanted, when they wanted to buy,
  • AnnoyWare 5.0.1

    Have you ever wanted to be annoyed but couldn't be? Then you'll love AnnoyWare! AnnoyWare is the easy to use tool that will make you very annoyed. download it Now and go get
  • Free Fluffy Cat Screensaver 1.0

    You have always wanted to have a pussy cat but you don't have time to care for it? download this free screensaver Now and lots of charming Big Cats and sweet kittens will make your desktop their home. FEATURES:
  • VAFS4 4.0.0002

    I am sure at some point you, as a virtual airline CEO, have wanted more than just adding pilots, routes, and aircraft to your virtual airline. Maybe you wanted to be able to see how your virtual airline would compare to